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    Chris Burns
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    Take the Bus or Train

    Using Alternative Transportation to Save Energy and Money
    Take the Bus or Train Drawing by Oscar L. from Ms. LaChance's class at Sustainability Academy.

    The BED Team was really moved by Oscar’s May Energy Efficiency calendar illustration about buses and trains! The drawing transported our imaginations to a future where Burlingtonians have a bunch of different ways to get around town that both reduce our reliance of fossil fuels and single-occupancy vehicles, which will also help with traffic congestion problems.

    Finding a good mix of environmentally-friendly ground transportation options is a critical part of Burlington’s Net Zero Energy strategy. The right approach is likely to include a number of solutions like: reducing trips, carpooling or ride-sharing, walking, biking or e-biking, electric scootering, riding electric buses and driving electric vehicles (with off-peak charging).

    Avoiding Trips

    Avoiding trips is the first step to reducing emissions from ground transportation in Burlington. Human-powered transportation is safe and fun in Burlington, as our city streets are walkable and bike-friendly and we have a great network of foot and bicycle paths. The City of Burlington also recently partnered with Greenride Bikeshare to provide many new bicycle rental stations across Burlington so more people can access affordable alternative transportation.

    Carpooling and Ride-Sharing

    Carpooling and ride-sharing are perfect ways to reduce the impact of your commute; try Go! Vermont or Waze Carpool to connect with drivers and riders in your area. If you want to ride solo or need more carrying capacity for running errands or day trips, borrow a vehicle from Carshare Vermont and consider using your personal vehicle less often.

    Rebates and Incentives from Burlington Electric Department

    Dozens of customers have already taken advantage of the rebates and incentives from our e-bike and EV programs.

    Also, BED is helping Green Mountain Transit Authority (GMTA) purchase two new all-electric buses that will be used in daily service around the city of Burlington.

    Electric Bus


    With so many ways to avoid trips and use alternative transportation in our city, and supportive rebates from BED, we hope you consider trying one or more of them to reduce the energy impacts of your travel activities.

    Do you have ideas that could improve public transportation in the city? Please contact our Energy Services Team

    Again, a very big Team BED thanks to all of the students, teachers and parents who help make the annual Energy Efficiency Calendar project possible!

    Net Zero Energy News »