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E-Bike and EV Rebates FAQs

Burlingtonians who buy an e-bike are eligible for a free membership in CarShare Vermont's "Share-a-Little" plan. And Burlington residents who buy or lease a new EV are entitled to a free one-year Greenride Bikeshare membership.

Greenride Bikeshare


Do I have to be a BED customer?

How long do I have to get on the deal?
This will be an ongoing promotion, until supplies last. It’s a thing now.

Which products are eligible for the rebate?
Any bike with a battery & electric motor at a participating local bike shop is eligible for a rebate. 

What is the price range?
About $2,000 and up for e-bikes.

How much is the e-bike rebate?
$200 toward an E-Bike or electric vehicle purchase plus 1 year membership to Greenride Bikeshare.

How long is my Greenride membership good for?
1 year, includes 60 minutes of free ride time per day.

Is there a warranty?
Most, if not all, e-bikes include a warranty through the manufacturer. Your local bike shop will usually handle warranties for you, or you can work directly with the manufacturer. See your local bike shop for warranty details that are specific to each e-bike.

Where can I purchase an e-bike?
Old Spokes HomeNorth Star SportsSkirackBetty's Bikes, or Outdoor Gear Exchange.

Can I finance an e-bike?
Yes, VSECU has a low interest loan specifically for E-bikes

What is the battery life?
About 50 miles

How do I charge my e-bike?
E-bikes can be charged with a conventional outlet

Which dealerships are participating in the electric vehicle Rebate + Greenride Bikeshare deal?
List available on our site

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

How much is my electric vehicle rebate?
Depending on the vehicle, $600, $1,200, or $1,800

How do I get my electric vehicle rebate?
Checks are mailed within 1 week of verified purchase along with insert for CarShare VT Promo Code and 100% Renewable bumper sticker.

How Do I get my Carshare or Bikeshare membership?
Promo Codes are mailed or emailed to the contact information given at time of purchase.

Which Carshare VT membership level is included?
$50 for a one-year Share-a-Little membership. Or, the $50 can be used toward a Share-a-Lot membership or applied as a credit for an existing member.

What if I am having trouble signing up for my CarShare Membership?
Please reach out to Annie Bourden at

What if I am having trouble signing up for my GreenRide Membership?
Please reach out to Bob Dale at