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    Burlington Electric Offers Incentives to Help Local Businesses Install EV Charging Stations

    EV Charging station

    If you build them, they will come! “Them” are electric vehicle charging stations, and “they” are electric vehicles (EVs). And, at Burlington Electric Department (BED), we want to help local businesses build charging stations. That is why, in addition to offering rebates on EV purchases, we’re now offering incentives totaling 20 percent of the installed cost of a workplace EV charging station up to a maximum of $1,000 per eligible station.

    In addition to the availability of a BED incentive, our commercial customers may benefit from a statewide grant program designed to expand Vermont’s network of charging stations. The main goals of the program, recently announced by Governor Phil Scott and administered by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, are to provide funding that will help maximize public and private investment in EV charging infrastructure and to advance Vermont’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build a greener, more vibrant economy. Grant funding, which could amount to a total of $2.4 million, is the result of a settlement between Volkswagen (VW) and the US Department of Justice to partially resolve VW’s violations of the Clean Air Act. Each county in Vermont will receive an allocation of this funding, and we want to help BED commercial customers access the funds to install new charging stations.

    The up-to-$1,000 BED incentive applies to businesses with five or more full-time employees at the workplace where the charging station(s) will be installed, as long as those businesses install dual-port, Level 2 chargers or direct current fast chargers. State of Vermont grant funding also is available for multi-unit, residential buildings and condos with 10 or more living units; however, under current state regulation, the BED incentive is limited at this time to business customers.

    EVSE Program Guidelines and Application

    Grant Application Checklist (Optional)

    1st round: EVSE Program Guidelines and Application. - Now Closed.
    2nd round: EVSE Grant Application - Coming Soon

    At BED, we’d like to serve as your trusted partner when it comes to determining whether your business can support an EV charging station. For assistance with this determination or to learn more about BED’s incentive program and the State’s grant program, don’t hesitate to reach out for BED’s Tom Lyle ( or 802.865.7335) and Brian Reilly ( or 802.865.7362).