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    Burlington Electric Continues Focus on 100 Percent Renewability with Addition of More Wind Energy Hancock

    Wind in Maine Will Supply Nine Percent of Burlington’s Energy Needs

    Burlington, Vt. – The Burlington Electric Department continues to focus on sourcing 100 percent of its power from renewable generation with the addition of a new source to its power portfolio. Yesterday, the 17-turbine Hancock Wind Project went online for commercial operation and will supply Burlington with 13.5 megawatts of electricity, or nine percent of Burlington’s energy needs. The Hancock Wind farm has a total capacity of 51 megawatts and is located in rural Hancock County, Maine.

    “An important part of our Burlington Electric story is our continuous drive to maintain our ability to source 100 percent of our power from renewable generation,” said Neale Lunderville, General Manager. “Ever since the day we achieved our 100 percent renewability goal, we’ve been working hard and smart to identify additional renewable resources and to keep our power costs low for our customers. Recognizing that Burlington Electric’s resource portfolio is dynamic, that contracts expire, and that resource outputs are variable, we have a continuing commitment to get our power from renewable resources, and must never view 100 percent as a moment in time.”

    Burlington Electric has entered into a 10-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Hancock Wind to acquire 26.5 percent of the Hancock Wind farm’s production (approximately 32,000 megawatt hours of power annually). The only other recipient of wind power from Hancock Wind is Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company, which has entered into a PPA to purchase 37.5 megawatts of electricity. Turbine installation for the project began in May 2016. 

    Burlington Electric’s next major resource change will be the expiration of its five-year, 42,000-megawatt hours NextEra hydro-electric contract.

    “We have not raised our electric rates since 2009 and will continue to be proactive about bringing new resources online as others phase out,” added GM Lunderville. “Hancock Wind also serves as a hedge against the potential impact of future natural gas prices.”


    About Burlington Electric Department

    Burlington Electric Department has been serving its customers with safe and reliable power since 1905. Burlington Electric is a recognized national leader in green energy with the recent milestone achievement of sourcing 100 percent of its power from renewable generation. With a focus on low and stable rates and a commitment to energy efficiency, Burlington Electric’s 20,000 customers use less power today than they did in 1989.

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