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Net Zero Energy

Burlington's Net Zero Energy goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate fossil fuel usage in heating and ground transportation.​

We will achieve this by reducing our total energy usage across electric, thermal and ground transportation while sourcing our entire energy supply for these sectors from renewables.

Transitioning away from carbon emitting fossil fuels has many environmental, social and economic benefits. For example, as we move away from fossil fuels and efficiently electrify our buildings and vehicles, we’ll reduce our city’s greenhouse emissions that lead to climate change, improve our air quality and public health, reduce congestion, and have safer and more comfortable homes and work spaces. Furthermore, by producing or securing more and more electricity closer to home, NZE will keep more dollars local, essentially growing the local economy and generating more local jobs.

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Net Zero Energy News

Burlington Is on Track to Meet Ambitious Net Zero Energy City Goal

April 12, 2021: Mayor Miro Weinberger, the Burlington Electric Department, and other City team and community leaders today jointly announced that Burlington is off to a great start toward meeting its ambitious Net Zero Energy city by 2030 goal and that continuing to stay on track will require strong action during the rest of 2021 and beyond. Read More »