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New Construction and Renovation

New Construction and Renovation

New Service (Residential or Commercial)

If you want to add electrical service at a location where there is currently is none or you want to upgrade an existing service, please contact 802-865-7323 or fill out the Contractor Application form.


Vermont ENERGY STAR® Homes, a joint effort of BED, Vermont Gas and Efficiency Vermont, encourages builders and consumers to build to the Vermont Energy Star Home standard and take advantage of the highest-efficiency equipment available. Meeting this standard can result in a 20% reduction in heating, cooling and hot water consumption relative to the Vermont Residential Building Energy Standard (RBES). This includes single-family homes, multi-family homes and low-income multi-family projects.    

Cash incentives are available for meeting minimum program standards along with bonus incentives for installing efficient appliances and additional high-efficiency lighting.

For a detailed description and to enroll your project go to Efficiency Vermont.

Siding Your Home

If you are planning to have your home sided, please have your contractor contact BED at 802-658-0300 to have your electric meter and related equipment removed before any work is done on your house. A BED employee will remove and replace the equipment for a small service charge. Because your electric meter is BED property, only BED personnel are authorized to remove it.


Burlington Electric Department helps commercial and industrial builders and developers incorporate the most energy efficient products and systems possible when building or renovating. We help customers exceed the City of Burlington's required Guidelines for Energy Efficient Construction (which adopted the statewide CBES energy code).  By working directly and early in the process with designers and owners, BED assists in the choice of energy efficient systems, products, materials and construction techniques that meet business and energy needs.

Contact BED Energy Services at (802) 865-7300 and DPW Inspection Division at 863-9094 early in your planning process to discuss the project scope and compliance with the energy code.