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What Is A Peak

What Is A Peak?

Energy prices for the year are set based on how much energy we use on the hottest days. If we use less energy on those high-demand days, costs go down.

What is This Event

What's This Event?

We’re letting people know when the peak is going to happen, asking you to conserve energy on that day.

What Can I Do

What Can I Do?

Sign up for Defeat the Peak Alerts! We will send you an email alert when the peak is coming and what you can do. After the peak we'll let you know how much you saved.

Local Nonprofits Win When We Defeat The Peak

When we save energy, we save money for all customers and will use a portion of the savings to make a donation to a deserving local nonprofit. It is our way of saying thank you to our customers and our community for pitching in to Defeat the Peak. Donations are given when our customers reach our BED-selected savings target.  

Stay Cool

Ways to Save on Cooling

Summer is finally here! The BED Energy Services team is here to help you reduce the amount of money you pay to stay comfortable during hot weather.

  • Cool & Inexpensive Tips
  • Get the most out of your current equipment
  • Find the most energy-efficient way to stay cool

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Attention Nonprofits

Please complete this form if your organization would like to be considered as a Defeat the Peak partner eligible to receive a $1,000 contribution. Thank you.

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