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We have carefully selected several partners who have agreed to offer free estimates for solar at your property. Burlington Electric Department will screen these estimates on your behalf and send them to you in an easy-to-compare format. Our solar partners were selected for their reputations for customer service, high quality solar panels and inverters, and strong production guarantees and warranties.

If you are interested in a solar project up to 15 kilowatts (enough for most homes and many small businesses), just fill out the form below. We will work with our solar partners to get a response to you within 3 business days. Then you can follow up with the installers and select the company that is right for you. The final agreement will be between you and the solar installer.

If you need assistance you can contact BED Energy Services.

Our Vendors

Building Energy, Catamount Solar, DC Energy Innovations, Peck Solar, Suncommon and Vermont Solar

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Before you get started, please keep in mind that Solar PV systems have a 25 year-plus life expectancy so your roof needs to be in good shape. If your roof shingles are more than about eight years old, you will need to consider the cost of re-roofing now or of temporarily removing the system when the roof needs replacement. 

Roof orientation is also an important consideration. Large unshaded portions of south-facing roofs work best.   Southeast or Southwest-facing roofs can also work but will produce less power. Typically, solar works best (and is more attractive) when the panels are installed in the same plane as the roof direction. You may also consider ground or pole mounted systems as options. 

MUST be in Burlington, VT.
Slate roof installation not available.
If you selected a roof installation.
Required to confirm your identity. Please use the billpayer's social security.