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2018 - Hot and Humid Summer

Burlington Electric Department staff is seeing many more accounts with usage higher than normal due to the weather. Air conditioners and fans along with refrigerator, freezers and dehumidifiers, all working extra hard, are the typical causes. If you want to learn more about your energy usage, then please take advantage of our Energy Engage portal and also visit our Energy Efficiency page for tips on how to save.

The National Weather Service in Burlington has created a recap of July 2018 in this graphic.

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An Electrical Emergency at Home

In case of an electrical emergency in your home, call 658-0300 or 865-7386 (TTY/voice), 24 hours a day. A BED employee may be able to help determine or correct the electrical problem you are having. The fee for this service depends on the source of the problem and time of day.


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