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Returning To or Moving Within Burlington.
Residential Customers Only.

This application is for customers who are just moving within Burlington or moving back to Burlington and do not have an unpaid balance.

STOP! Do not fill out this form if any of the following apply:
  • If you are new to Burlington and have never had service in your name with Burlington Electric Department before.
  • If you have an outstanding balance from a prior account with us
  • If you are a commercial customer
If any of these apply, please call our Customer Care Team at 802-865-7300.
Customer Information
Please include Apt or Unit #. If you are unsure of the service address, contact the landlord before submitting this application.
if available
if available
Account Information
We turn on new service at approximately 8am on the date you request. No weekends or holidays.
New Service cannot take place the same day your request is made. Please do not submit this form more than two weeks in advance.
BED is a 100% electric renewable utility. We promote environmentally friendly electronic billing.
if applicable
If you're moving within Burlington, what is your current account information?
Identity Verification
What form of ID did you use to initiate your prior service?
What state or country issued your method of identification?
Regular Customer Care hours are Monday to Friday 8am-4:30pm (drive-thru until 5pm).

New service or terminations cannot take place the same day your request is made. New service fees: $30 charged on your first bill. In case of emergencies, if a new service must be started after hours, a $195 fee will be assessed on your first bill.