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Contractor Application

Use this form for new construction, upgrading service, or changing equipment.
  1. The Burlington Electric Department will do no work unless a complete application has been received.
  2. Complete a separate application for each building receiving service. (This applies to subdivisions, condominiums and apartment complexes.)
  3. Contact Cathy at 802-865-7463 or Jaimie at 802-865-7323 with any questions.

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Service Location
Service and meter location shall be located by Burlington Electric Department personnel on all new services and/or when reworking old services.
Property Owner
Electrical Contractor
For multiple tenant buildings, provide the number of units being served.
Electrical Details
Residential:  single or duplexes where one unit is owner-occupied.
Commercial: apt building, small business, store, dept. store, office space, etc.
Services greater than 200 amps require a $200 deposit for engineering review. All checks should be sent or delivered to Burlington Electric Department with attention to “Distribution/ Engineering” and a note indicating deposit for service application and the location of the project.
For Net-metering service requests only.
Upload drawing file for service over 200 amps. Maximum size: 3MB. One file only. Allowed formats: gif, jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx
One file only.
3 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif jpg png pdf doc docx.
Wire size at point of attachment to BED.
Electrical Load Characteristics
All service requests will initiate an Available Interrupting Current (AIC) report that will be issued to the electrical contractor and City of Burlington Electrical Inspector.